Some of yesterdays toys…

I’d say tools, but really… well… not realy useful for a day of yard work. If I’d gone hiking or wheeling maybe it’d been a bit more practical… Maybe. 😉

Berretta Stampede .45 Colt, and Andy Sharpe custom fighter in ATS34 and boxelder burl.

And yes, its fall, cold and wet out… My bomber jacket, flanel shirts and rabit skin pilots had are back in full rotation for the season..


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2 thoughts on “Some of yesterdays toys…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Well, tools if you are going huntin’!

    • I am going hunting… today, but not then, so toys they were. 😉 Funny too, I’m not taking those particular toys… err, tools with me hunting… lol.

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