Some EDC

Sorry folks, but it doesn’t ever change much, so I don’t post it much…

Some time last week, I think Friday, I just happened to see this knife on my shelf when leaving the house, so i swapped out the EDCF Queen for it. 3–5/8” Colt Congress(Imported cheapie, but well built, probably made by the same factory as Rough Rider), One of my favorites in the large multi blade category..











I’ve been carrying the Queen and SpacePen loose in a front pocket, but at times I do ear for their loss, and they get put in more secure, but less handy places… Duno why, but it took me forever(couple months that I’ve had both?) to realize that the space pen would fit perfectly in my custom buckaroo pouch with the Queen! 







What I see in the top of my pocket if the knife has seen much light recently;



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One thought on “Some EDC

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nothing like a good folding pocket knife….

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