Last few days carry…

The big weekend road trip(700 miles in about 10 hours, 14 hours round trip straight through) EDC;






ALso had my day pack with a heavy shirt, work hat, sunglasses, my Zune, lots of Powerade, my Chute water bottle, and my tool kit with Knipex, vice grips and sme varieous screw drivers… my usualy extennded tool kit.  Epic fail for me that day was forgetting Any work gloves… Never needed them thankfully, but I can’t belienve I forgot them!


Back to work Monday carry;



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2 thoughts on “Last few days carry…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Road trip! 😉

    • Now you know what I was doing when I got bored; taking pic of the back of your truck(among other things) 😉

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