Gold Mining Day Trip; The Gear!

Some of you will recognize things you’ve given me, in my carry for that trip, along with my basic carry from lately. I carried just what I have been, all my favorites. I figure If your gonna worry about losing something because your about to cart it into the wide open wilderness, then you might as well not carry it at all Anywhere… For instance, the Eagletac that I lost last week, when I found it I instantly put it back into carry… AND it went into the back woods with me on this trip!



Main “on me” Cary;



Cutters were my ever present Case Peanut, and EDCF Queen Stockman, along with the Bark River Bravo Necker in custom scales. That Necker spent the whole day in that sheath, loose in my back pocket, even when I was in the creek…(just couldn;t get to it there, it was sealed in by the skin tight wet suit/bibs I was wearing.)






In the backpack, I ended up with my new Corona folding saw

(that saw got a fair amount of use, it was a great tool to have in a lot of places! This was the first time I had been able to even test it, even though I’ve had it over a month…. Its a fantastic little saw!) 

Also in the pack was my MSR micro fibre towel, a small tool kit I threw together, a bag of Cherry Tango chocolate squares(I’m a darkchocolate addict) and a fanny pack that I had intended to also wear hiking, then keepclose when I was in the creek with my basic EDC in it, safe and contained. Didn;t end up doing that, but it made a nice organier pouch andway.

After the first half mile or so, and the first hole we dug my hoodie also resided in the pack for the rest of the day. Also two items that missed the pics, were a small roll of TP, and my colapsible shooting/hiking stick(that I ended up using all on once for about 5 min… I was afraid the super small tip on it would just sink into the moss we walked on..)



in the fanny pack was my knife sharpener, a blast match type ferro rod fire starter, CSC(compact survival cord; its Kevlar string that will hold 600 pounds) and electrical tape. A mini New Testament, my spy glass, and backup knife that I had intended for fast deploying “in the creek” use. (actually ended up without a accessible blade when I was in the water… Dumb if something BAD had happened, but thats how it ended up…  No pockets or places to really clip one on what I was wearing. I’ll think of Something the next time. )




The tool kit was my multi bit Kobalt driver, and Knipex pliers wrench;



The pack itself is my Black Diamond Magnum, 16L(little over 950Cu.In.)




Its a Verry small pack, and has to look epically stupid on a guy my sie(300lbs and 6’2”) 😉 but its big enough for day hikes, day trips in the tuck etc. Always enough room for what I need, and some left over for adding things(like where I stuffed the hoodie and hiking staff mid day) 

I’d actually like to pick up another pack soon, something about 30L or 32L, about twice the size. Shoud gain me just enougn for full days out, enough room for a spare layer carried, some food, more water, and still have some spare room left, without getting too heavy. 

But for now, this one is great for what I do!

This was actually the first time I have EVER hiked with a pack of any kind on. Worked fine, no trouble, it was light and comfortable, and didn’t bother my back at all. I did notice it was easier to hike for a short 1/3 mile scouting trip I did by myself where I left the pack with my friends… Its amazing how little weight can be easilly notice when its suddenly gone, even if its no burden being there..

You will notice I am missing a couple things… Like I forgot my compass. It was in my truck and I was late getting to the meeting place before heading out, so I forgot to grab it.  But I was also running the GPS and a mapping app on my phone(its called PDF Maps, I’ll do a post on it soon), and the whone has a compass app built in to the “Active” feature set… Not perfect, but it would have worked if I’d needed it. I wasn’t worried becasue I was never far from that creek, or being able to find the creek easilly…  Not to mention I am already Extremely familar with the lay of the land there from where I have been there twice, and from the maps I have been over… getting lost is far, far off in my possible problems.

A few things missed the pics, like my hip waders that saved my ass crossing the creek in a couple places, and my leather Mechanix gloves that were worn for all hiking.

And also the Sweet felt lined rubber gauntlets that a friend on the EDCforums gave me, were great in the creek! Until some idiot (mainly me), got in too far and got water IN them… But they were still epically Warmer than the water temp even when wet!


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    Chocolate and TP, yep, covers all the basics! 😉

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