So… A flashlight replacement; And Gods Blessings.

Flashlight Acquired!

Sorta a replacement….. OK, actually I was just Given the old one šŸ˜€

Went back to churcg yesterday to do my weekly mowing, yard work etc. While buzzing along, I went around one corner where I had been working the day I lost the light and started to wonder again if I could find it if I walked the grounds where we worked that day… I stopped myself, literally thinking; “No! Stop… There is no way of knowing if you lost it here, or at the other job or any place in between. Its a waste of time over a simple object to start walking around looking for it…. I’m not going to be that obsessivive about material objects!”

Not 2 minutes later, making another pass around that corner with the mower, I for some unknown reasno looked down at an angle off to my right… RIGHT AT THE EXACT SPOT THE LIGHT WAS LAYING IN THE 6”  OF GRASS!!!  NO way I;d have seen it if I hadn’t looked straight at it. Two more passed and I would have mowed the thing! 

No way its a cooincidence, its just too perfect. God IS Great. I instantly thought that and said “Thank You Lord!”   I was letting go of the material object, and not obsessing over it, so He saw it fit to show me where it was. I do beloeve if I hadn’t been letting go that much, that He wouldn’t have shown it to me that clearly and abruptly… He wouldn’t have hidden it from me, He doesn’t work that way. But I do believe He gave me a dirrect promt to look at that spot at that moment.








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  1. God is great!

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