Got another item MIA…


My Eagletac D25A Ti :cry: that I got last winter in the 2014 EDCF secret santa.



Somewhere Tuesday, between home and home again, including my job cutting firewood, a church project helping clean out gutters, dinner at a friends place, some shopping, and home again… It went MIA.  Could have been in any of those places, even here at home and I just can’t find where it dropped. 

No way of telling where since I didn’t need to use it all day, so I didn’t miss it till I was loading my pockets Wed morning and it wasn’t on my shelf or even accidentally left in Tuesdays pants. Nor in my walk in closet where I unloaded my pockets that night.



As annoying as it is not having it, and even more so wondering Where the heck I actually did lose it, I’m not gonna worry about it. Because I was doing what I’m soposed to do; carrying it. Start to worry about losing things, and ya stop carrying them, and that makes having them utterly pointless. 

I Hate to lose anything, especially not knowing where or how, but its not irreplaceable(I actually just found a great deal on them cheaper than the non Ti version…) Even the AMW Illuminati copper bead that was on it, a one of a kind bead(its the the prototype I made  😉 ), is replaceable. 

What I hate the most is that it was a gift that I’ve lost. But then again, it was a gift that was meant to be used, and it still would have been pointless to not use it for fear of loss… It was meant to be carried and I carried it. 

I love the model and its features, it’s been my most carried, used, and preffered light all year; I will deffinetally replace it when I am able to.

Here’s hoping for safe travels, and even for someone to find you and get to use you… So long my bright shiny little friend. :wavespin:

Which reminds me, I still need to replace my Wingman that went MIA this spring… I still miss it often. Hope someone found it and it gets some use also. :cool:

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One thought on “Got another item MIA…

  1. Weston

    “So long my bright shiny little friend.” – epic good line.

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