New Gloves

This last job I worked finally killed my last pair of Mechanix;





Some guys I knoe refuse to buy gloves like this because their so “expensive”. These suckers are a bit spendy for rough use and messy work at $22 a pair, but they fit me great conpared to the average of cheaper plain leather work gloves out there, and actually hold up pretty well. This worn pair was bought for me by the guy I worked for last Dec. 7  months of work for $22 ain’t bad I don’t think. And thats all work; automotive and greasy, wood cutting and rough, general carpentry, inside, outside, dry, and soaking wet… They even get worn hiking, hunting, etc where I need grip and pretection. So basically, $50 in work gloves a year is OK I think.

And thankfully, I’ve not had to buy them out of pocket this year, the last pair bought for me, and this pair came out if the paycheck first thing… The job that ate the last pair providing the new pair.

Theese leather/flex ones are my preference so far, so thats what I got again, my third pair in 1.5 years. I was going to try their model that is more leather and padded/armored on the back of the hand for protection, but the way the leather pannels are cut/transition on the palm make a roll/lap of leather in my grip area/palm when gripped… would be super anoying… so I skipped getting them.

I also got a pair of theie lighter fabric/lighter leather “Fast Fit” gloves this time… Soposed to be fas on and off… I don’t see them as much faster, but they were on’y $16, and fit just a bit better than the others even though its the same size, a perfect fit for me. Great grippy fabric on them, almost a micr fibre in texture, but grippier like its tacky… but not to the touch. Its strange, but seems like it will work well. Will see how durrable it turns out to be.



And yes, these ARE EDC… I always have a pair within reach when working, and close by(in the truck or in my jacket/vest if I don’t have my truck) at other times…  My hands have lost some strength, and a lot of my natural traction in the past couple of years. Its like my finger prints have worn down and provide less traction than they used to… I have a heck of a time getting a grip on things anymore, so gloves are a must for me even for light tasks.

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