EDC changed..

First day I’ve done anything different with my carry for a while. The flashlight that the guy I’m working with is using, is an old incandescent(GASP!) 2xAA MagLite… Turn it on and the area gets darker… 😉

But, if it works for him thats great! Except all week he’s been forgetting to get fresh batteries for it.

So my Ti Eagletac has seen a lot of use by both of us. Which I don’t mind in the least, thats why I have it; to be used. Doesn’t matter who by, I’m not touchy about folks using my stuff.

Yesterday with what was planned to be done, I saw that we Might Both be needing a light at the same time, so I took along my Jetbeam BC10 too.  Turns out we didn’t get that part done, so I didn;t need it after all. But at least I had the option. 🙂

I think I’ll be getting this guy a basic LED light, probably one of the new LED MagLites at some point in the future.




Plus these two that I forgot in the pic above;








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One thought on “EDC changed..

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    … Gets darker …. Nice!

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