Cheap cell phone screen protector.

I asked around a while back tofind out what a good brand was for a tempered glass screen protector, to get one for my S5. 

The phone had survived its first ~3.5 weeks with me great, but I figured the more protection I can get, the better. At the time, the new case(Supcase Unicorn Beetle) was blocking my signal, at least partially, so I was looking to get the toughest screen protector I could, and trust the phone itself to be as durable as it is supposed to be, and stay case-less but careful.

I was looking at the “tempered glass”, because it seems like it would be tougher. Glass has got to be better protection than a plastic film, right?

Since then, I have been able to make the case work, but the cases built in screen protector was thin plastic, and had a slight air gap to the phone itself, which I was afraid would trap dirt or grime, and make rub spots on the screen—defeating the purpose entirely! SO I cut that film out of the case.

I also only use the case on job sites… Average day to day living, its just too bulky to deal with, and I go with a naked phone, and having at least the screen have extra protection would be great.  

I work in construction, automotive mechanics, machine shops, logging type operations… You get the idea; lots of tools, and lots of dirt, and a fair bit of metal particles.

The phone isn’t in a pocket against any tools or even EDC items 90% of the time; It gets its own pocket. But… well… LIFE happens.

I mainly wanted something to protect the screen from my dirty grimy hands on the job, but also to protect it from scuffs and scratches from the dirt, metal, grease etc that gets in my pockets, and the same stuff any time its out of my pockets.

Turns out there are about as many brands of these things as there are models of phones available!

So, the brand that got the most reccamendations, is Zagg.

Problem being Zagg does not offer the glass for my model, only a plastic one. One guy says his local shop has a custom plotter setup that custom cuts Zagg screens for Anything… but I live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska… Yeah, not gonna find that here.

And no one that I could find locally having anything at all for my model, I went to my old and trusted source for everything; Ebay.

 I figured Any extra layer of protection was better than Nothing. And if I was gonna buy anything, I might as well get a no name glass, than an expensive non glass… I averaged prices and feedback ratings on USA only sellers at the ‘bay, picked something thick, and made sure of rounded edges, and a fancy anti finger print coating, and that was about it..

Also being much cheaper was a deciding point… some things came up and my spare spending money for the month is gone already… It was either go cheap or not get anything 😉

I hated to do that after going to the trouble of asking for quality suggestions, and everybody being so helpful… but at least I have a reference for the future if this one turns out to be Cr@p. 😉

Anyway, it came, and I’ve had it installed for about 10 days now. Its great! Clear and touch sensitive, can’t tell any diference in using the phone. Easy to clean, and so far I have yet to mark, scratch or stain it, and I’ve been on a messy construction/remodelling job site all week.   

It was easy to apply, with a glasses cleaning cloth, the includded alcohol wipe, and anti stactic dust collector cloth… peel the back, press it in place, and press the center, and the adheasive magicalle self levels out all the air bubbles…   It wasn’t even a one time deal, the adheasive will lift, and allowed me to move it twice to get the best fit, yet its still on there solid if your not trying to move it.

Now, it doesn’t fit Exactly right. Its a touch too big at the top and botton edges, and since my phones screen sits in a recess with a lip around it, the top edge of the protector is held just slightly above the surface of the screen… But its and area like 1/8” wide, but maybe 1/4” long above the speaker… Big deal :p ðŸ˜‰  

The same goes for the 1/8” wide bar that crosses across the bottom below the buttons, for like 1” its off the screen. Again, who cares?

Both spots are only sitting about half way up that lip, and becasue of the lip itself nothing can get under the protector in those areas, so it doesn’t matter. Otherwise its a perfect fit.  

Here is the card that came with it, for the item/brand info if anyone is interested. This was like $6 shipped. 🙂



I’ll try to dig out my camera later and grab a pic of the phone with it on, and the slight fit issues.

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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Always a good idea to have a screen protector!

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