Another two days.

Carry from Tuesday;












(if anyone wonders about the multiple pics of the same stuff, its so I have different shots for diferent threads on the forums, so as to not spam around with the same pic. 🙂 Its also just plain fun to take the pics. 😀  )

And Wednesday;

Wednesday actually started with the mini Moleskine volant notebook the same as from Tuesday above, and the Zebra pen too. Later in the day when I wasn’t going to be working/sitting in mud and gravel anymore and could use my back pockets, I swapped to the Field Notes and Pilot V5 pen below.




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2 thoughts on “Another two days.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Well, not sitting in the mud is probably better anyways….

    • That depends on what the alternative position is, or what another position might be done in… Or what the alternative place to sit is in….. 😉

      Like laying in the mud. Or laying in the creek itself… Sitting in the creek. Etc.

      Or anything done on a ladder. 😉

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