Some cooking…

First, heat treating a knife.

First time I’ve done this for about 6.5 years… Worked out pretty well, although I remembered why I stopped making blades this long; its a pain to get the whole thing the same temp all at the same time!

Was nice though, it only slightly warped, meaning the grinding I did on this blade was pretty even, and thats amaing since its the first blade I’ve ground for the same 6.5 years! šŸ˜‰  Might have warped from my un-even heating though too. I’m betting it was both.  But it pressed out OK before final cooling(yeah, I got cheeky and put a freshly hardenedm hard and brittle as glass blade in the vise and tweeked it before tempering it!)

Pre-heating the high end quench medium (veggie oil šŸ˜‰ ); 



Oxy/acyt. torch ready to rock and roll;



And moments after quench;

The lighter grey area on the blade is where it hardened.



And, into the oven to temper for a couple hours at about 450F/500F




After “cooking” blades, and while waiting for the temper cycle, I went and cooked dinner;




One of my original recipes, a beef chorizo and mushroom chilli. šŸ˜€


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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Mmmm! Looks tasty! (The chili…)

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