Someone has taken the half step to True Adventurism…

And wrote a book about it, which inspired AoM to do some adventuring.

“Getting Out There: My 8-Week Microadventure Challenge @ Art Of Manliness”

Its been coined Microadventures. 

The concept,

“[Adventure] is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. Adventure is about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness, and curiosity….‘adventure’ is not only crossing deserts and climbing mountains; adventure can be found everywhere, every day, and it is up to us to seek it out.” –Alastair Humphreys, Microadventures

And in that statemment, he has really summed up a large part of ,y philosophies quite well, even if the main concept of Microadventures is still a more pointed concept, dirrected at doing thigs outside of everyday life itself.

“[Microadventures are] for aspiring adventurers who are looking for the confidence to kick on to bigger projects, as well as for seasoned adventurers wanting to learn more about their local area or scratch the itch of adventure in between big trips. It’s for people with real jobs and real lives, with a couple of kids and a cat to feed. It’s for people who love reading about adventure, who yearn for adventure, but who think that they are too busy, too old, too fat, or too urbanized to be able to get out there and do it.” –AH


The book is called, simply; Microadventures

I see the book in my future, since this is all verry close to my life philosphy and lifestyle, and yes, even I aspire to do the more Epic types of things classically defined as “adventures”. 🙂  I could use the push to get out and do more of the things that are in between my Adventures Of Life, and the big Super World Traveler type stuff.

Although, I do say they have only made the half step from the classic concept of Adventures, and are not quite yet to the True Adventurism Mind Set. Where Adventure is a life style without changing your life or what you do. The philosophy I follow, that EVERY DAY is an Adventure, in the FACT that no two days are ever the same, and anything can, and Does happen at any time. Life itself is unpredictable, unexpected, and surprising. Most people call it bumps, or hitches, or problems that crop up… I call it the unexpected, the fun, the interesting, or yes even the bad at times, but always The Adventure Of Living.

Huh. A buddy of mine has suggested once or twice that I write a book about some of the bigger  “outside the norm” type Adventures I have had… I think he’s nuts, since they were adventures at the time, and are great storries in most cases… but not big enough nor really enough of them to be anything anyone would want to read, in my opinion. 

But it does beg the thought, Maybe I should write a book on my concepts and philosophies, ie “The Next Step To True Adventurism In All Of Life”. LOL.(an interesting thought for compiling my ideas and philosophy together into one place, but it ain’t likey to happen!!)

((NO, I am not poking fun at, making fun of, Nor critisizing AoMs post, nor Mr. Humphreys, or his book. Just comparing and observing. It really is an interesting topic for me since it Is So Close to my own thoughts and concepts. No offense or critisim are meant by my comments here. ))

And Brett at AoM did a Fantastic job with his 8 week challenge too! I must admit that even I might not be able to do 8 Microadventures on that concept, for 8 weeks in a row, and I live dead center in one of the worlds Most Epic “Adventure Places”, Alaska.   Simply because my life, as simple as it is, Is verry unpredictable, and busy with the everyday random Life Adventures that happen…  I don’t have a family, kids, nor a steady job to work around to do that sort of outward/active activities, and yet I have a hard time finding the time and energy to do them. I commend and greatly respect any and all of the weekend warriors out there that do fit it in with work and family, and who are able to make it work!


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