Supcase Unicorn Beelte Problem.

Made a startling discovery Friday night.

I couldn’t for the life of me get it to connect to a Data network all day. Well, OK, at times it would connect to the Edge network, but it wouldn’t recieve or transmit. At times it would connect to 4G, but not recieve or transmit. And Never connected to the 4G LTE at all.

Take the top half of the case loose opening a gap between the halves about 3/4″ at the top, and BANG it connects to 4G LTE!! :eek:

Close the case and it drops it to 4G, then almost instantly stops all data transfer, and within a few minutes drops connection.

Open it up, and, you guessed it, connection again.

So, I jumped online to do some research, (which admitedly I should have done Before buying it), and searched for signal blocking issuses for this phone and this case, and Any phone with this case… And… Nothing. Apparently I’m the first!

But I did find a lot of info about other cases doing this to other phones… Apparently, the real trendy metal and carbon fiber cases are also the worst thing you can get for signal blocking. Soposedly carbon fiber can block 40% to 60%!! (not quoting technical facts here, just what I’ve been reading… )

Now, the data block I can live with if I know about it, since the only time I use it is sitting around killing time, where I could open the case slightly. Or to get weather info, and for that I can open the case to connect and get it… A small hassle, but doable.

BUT, I also missed a call today when I shouldn’t have, with the phone sitting in the same place it has been when I’m at home, for the past 3.5 weeks, where I hadn’t missed a call all of that time. And my call back was really splotchy, lots of static etc.. Worse than its ever been with this phone in any location..

So, I get the feeling that its also blocking the regular cellular network, which I just can’t have. In town with full bars it might be fine to lose a bar, but since I get such bad reception out here anyway… :nah_disagree:

I’ll go ahead and use it for a day or two and see how much it interferes with regular calls and text service over the non data network.

But… :cry:

I get the feeling that I’ll end up with a simple tempered glass screen protector, and just being bloody careful with the rest of the phone like I have been doing.

Hows that for short lived use of a new item? 24 hours max before I find a serious issue! :rolleyes::nah_disagree:

Guess its better to find it now, than go for a week and not know its blocking my calls!

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