Smoke update.

Its a LOT thinner today, a lot of it cleared out yesterday afternoon. Still here, but less of it.

These pics are from Wed, when it was Really thick out.

In my yard, you can see how easy it is to see in the 100 ft or less to the end of my driveway.




Same areas on the road where I had posted pics of on Monday or Tuesday.









And then in towards town, at our church, about 16 miles west, and lower in the valley, closer to where the fire is(that fire is still ~50 miles from that location though). The closer you get to town, the thicker it was… This is about three miles out of the bowl/off the river, couple hundred feet higher, and it was noticably worse than this down in town on the flats, that night.(no pics, I didn’t go, but my mother had) 








Like I daid though, it lifted out yesterday to where you couldn;t see it in my yard.

Today you can see it in the yard, but its not as bad as Wed. was.


It rained some places Wed night, although not out at my place. But I did get some rain for a few hours this morning/early afternoon.  Soposed to rain and thunderstorm(unfortunetally) off and on through the weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Smoke update.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    The camera doesn’t quite catch the heavy smoke smell 😉

    • Give it a few years… I’m sure someone will come up with a scent sensor, and reproducer for on the other end…

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