Other double…

Little comparison of that new double bit to the cruiser I did a few years ago.

That new one being 3.5 lbs means it really isn;t a “cruiser” but is a full sized double…. its just smaller than the full sized double I’ve had for a while(and if I could find it, I’d post a comparisom pic of it… Its just a loose head right now, having broke the handle a few years ago, and never needing an axe, I’ve not got around to re-handling it yet). 

But, this small on is a true cruiser. Can’t remember the weight, but its an oldie, and a goodie, made by Plumb back in the day.(1960s or prior). I actually have two of these, this one that I re-ground and handles, and another one that needs a handle and a Lot of grinding. This one took a Lot of grinding too, it had 1/4” edges when I got it…

YOu might notice that its ironic;

The new 3.5 I put on a cruiser handle since to me its a smaller head than a full size, and thats the handle sie it had on it, it swung so well, I stayed with it… 

But the actual cruiser, I have on a shaped down full sie 36” handle!

The reason being, axe handles are a real PITA to get here, and I couldn’t get a cruiser handle then. SO I used what I could get. It needs thinned out a lot at the shoulder, and now I know that it shoulde be re-set down against the shoulder. And I’ll probably cut the dang handle off at arould 26” or 28” too. That little head on that long handle just balances waaayyy too weird.
















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One thought on “Other double…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    That’s kind of ironic, the big bit with a little handle, and a little bit with a big handle! 😉

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