New piece of gear; Supcase Unicorn Beelte

Finally got a case for my new phone. I actually manged to keep the phone rather clean and un marred for almost a month, but dirty greasy work days were driving me nuts… Greasy, grimey hands and and expensive screens are not a good combo.

Yeah i know, I bought the Active version of the S5 for its durrability and waterproofness, and now I stick it in a case anyway… But I figure for some of the things I do, as much protection as I can get on a $700 piece of pocket computer, the better! 😉

Took a lot of digging around to find a case with a built in screen protector, since I didn;t want a gap between case and screen edges to seep stuff into, and also it seemed pointless to buy a case AND buy a sepperate screen protector…  Pointless for an expensive plastic box to not at least protect All sides of the phone! 

Also, took some digging to get that feature in something reasonably compact, and afforadble, AND in a color and style I could stand.

I actually ended up not finding a color I wanted in the case I liked, so I went with the next best thing; White. I can mask the screen and the rubber border and go at it with the air brush and do anthing I want to it! 😉

So anyway, here is the Supcase Beetle Unicorn(serriously, who names this stuff?? )

I ended up paying $30, only moderately less than what I considered too much to pay for THE popular “bulletproof: case, the Otterbox at $35… But, thats how it goes sometimes…lol.

And besides that, a couple things I’ve read say that the Otterbox for my phone Does Not have a built in screen protector. I dunno for sure, thats just what I’ve read. Wasn’t a deciding factor though, I read that after getting the Beetle.

The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted, and as far as I can tell isn’t available with Any case, is a cover over the camera lense… So I’m still babbying the thing at times, to make sure not to scratch or muck up the camera. But its still a lot better than wondering about the whole phone!

Just gotta get used to the added bulk in my pocket, since I had Finally gotten used to the bulk of the phone itself.

Stock photo, since I can’t take a pic of the phone With the phone… Lol.


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One thought on “New piece of gear; Supcase Unicorn Beelte

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    …. “Super UNICORN beetle”…. What a manly name! 😉

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