Few more teasers…

Same knife as before;





And a few more in progress;




Modified the main hande profile on my Sodhart design;



The Sodhart, on top, was my name and design response to the idea of a fixed blade pocket knife based on the Sodbuster blade profile, and a Kephart handle… The idea came up Years ago on another forum, and several makers including myself made prototypes for a dealer.  I soon had to get out of making knives, and never did any more with my design. Don’t know if anyone else ever followed through with making many on the concept or not… 

These are blanks I had water jet cut at the time, and have had tucked away in the shop. (Kinda a cool connection here, to a now Very popular custom maker; They were cut by David Curtis of Curtis Knives. Then he did just WJ cutting for other makers, long before he started designing an making his own knives.)

These mods to this one make it very little actual Sodhart anymore, since it ruins the Kephart inspired handle… Might have to re-name this version.



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