Just a few projects…


All done with my EDC…




Wire cutters on my Vic are better than the ones on my electricians tool… I did use the electric tool that isn’t part of my EDC to crimp the terminals and connectors though. Other wise it was the Vic or my my Case Sodbuster. (best wire stripper in the world is still simply rolling the insulation agains a blade to cut it and pull it off IMO.)

One frame above is the Vic with a wire end loop type connector-breaking the loop off to make a inline wire splice out of it— I was out of real splices. πŸ˜‰

The knife cut the cardboard for the console mockup/pattern(see below) The tape measure and multimeter are from my truck kit, as it the duct tape, and as of now so is the Sharpie(it was previously in my odd jobs/work tool bag, that is technically work day only EDC)

Trouble shooting and Rewired in my Dixie horn. πŸ˜€







And made a mock up/pattern for building a center console for the truck;




Not sure now if the console will get built or not… got that done and was looking at it, and suddenly realized a Much simpler, easier and les space eating way to do what i want to acomplish with it… But if I hadn’t have made this mock up I probably wouldn’t have seen that, so its not really wated effort. πŸ˜‰


No pic, but I Also re-zip tied a few places where the truck grill is broken, using the Sodbuster to cut off tails there the Vic wouldn’t fit.

And used my Vic driver wrench from the mini ratchet/1/4″ driver bit kit from the truck(used to be part of my pocket EDC, but not lately) to take the glove box out of the truck, and out of another truck to swap them(FYI, Mothers brand chrome polish in a jar left in a glove box over your heater core for 8 months WILL leak all over the inside of the box… and make a white powdery sticky Mess of the box!)

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2 thoughts on “Just a few projects…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Hmmm….. That center console might make it hard for ladies to sit close to you. Spoken from experience…. πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, that was one reason it took me so long to do this… been wanting something there for cup and stuff holding for a while, but couldn’t commit to taking up the space for that very reason!

      And, thats a big draw to the other concept I found; it provides almost all the function I am wanting, WITHOUT taking up any of the floor/leg space! πŸ˜€

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