Wood cutting EDC, Etc.

EDC for a day of cutting fire wood;








Put to use too;






One of the loads of wood we moved today;




The road accessing it, driving back out with a load;







Yes there is a road/trail in both of those pics! You should have seen it on the first trip I made into there Before we spent 3 hours trimming brush and removing a few trees and stumps! 😉


Here you can see how tight some of the corners are, about 6” clearance to the tree… SOme places are tighter than that with 2” or less clearance on either side as I go through.



And all the wood we moved today, about two cords worth. All dry birch.




All of it was from trees dropped last fall, and the fall before, by a neighbor that borders the back of my property.  He had a satelite dish, and every time the reception sucked, he’d have someone cut out a few trees…

About half of them on my property!  Not that I’d have carred much, but it woulda been nice to be asked/told at the time. On the other hand, I’m Not sure if he knew that he was over the property line or not…  Not gonna fault the guy now, long after the fact.

Its not like the property line or our corners are marked real well.  

I ain’t complaining either way…  They moved out a few weeks ago and told me about it, and wanted me to have all of the wood, including what was on their side of the line.  So I gained about 3 cords of pre-dried birch firewood, just had to buck it and haul it out.  Got almost all of it cut and hauled yesterday.


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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice pile of wood!

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