Misc, June 9th to 12th 2015


Took this just for fun the other day while playing with the new camera…

This sign has always made me laugh, I can’t be the only one that wonders why our local elementary school has a Whiskey storage tank 😉 :p


Playing with the camera again; (can’t help it, 16 MP is 2 MP more than DOUBLE what I was using before… Its great fun to take shots so clear and crisp, and see the detail!)








Probably the most important piece of gear I EDC, but never makes the pics;




I have that bottle around 24/7. It keeps me alive. It gets filled and re filled 3 to 3.5 times in a average day, and hard work days I can refill it 5 or 6 times at least..


 The new Case needs its pivot tightened, has some blade play and gaps at that end. Trying to decide if I want to just tighten it or tear it down and re-scale it in something else.



ITs also interesting, the reason I accepted that knife in the trade was for a larger/more robust, more comfortable backup to the Queen stockman… But do you know how many medium sied single blade knives I already have, even in slip joint traditional knives?

A few months ago I bought this Schrade for just that role, a simple single blade tradtional knife to carry.  Its even something I’ve always wanted, a single blade version of my favorite pattern/shape, the folding hunter, in a handl 4” size.  

Not sure why, but the sodbuster just seemed better.  So far its a pretty nice knife to carry too, but it really doesn;t do anything the Schrade didn;t when i carried it.






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