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Not sure where I got the idea to do this a couple weeks ago, but I decided I wanted to make a slingshot. Somthing I hadn’t done for YEARS. (like 20 to 25 of them!)

Scrounging a bike innertube around the house was easy, I’d found on in some stuff I cleaned up a few weeks before.

Cutting a forked stick was a little harder… you’d think on 3.5 acres of Alaskan woods, that it’d be reasonably easy to find one, but I had to cut the two I found out of a stand of willow on the corner of a neighbors plot of land….

For funs sake I did the whole project with my EDC, cutting them with the saw on my Vic Spirit(can’t beat a Vic saw for cutting anything 2” and under anyway!) The EDCF Queen did the trimming and stripping or bark, and then later cutting the inner tube and CSC.  The kevlar cord(CSC; Compact Survival Cord) rubber bands and electrical tape is Almost always with me, and IS always in my vest that I wear/carry. Usually not far away even if its not on me.

There was an intended 4 day gap in the middle of this porject while I left the sticks I cut to dry a little… Then there was and intended week and a half gap on top of that before I had time to get back to it… But all total without the waits it was a fun ~40 minutes to do this.

It works good but needs a little work. Need to get something to wrap the grip to make it a little bigger, and the inner tube needs dropped fron two layer to one, and shortened by 30% to 40% to make the pull easier.

All in all a fun little diversion that leaves me with a fun diversion for other days. πŸ™‚

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