A new gear storage place acquired.

Not exactly acquired… but deff gained. Its a space that I’ve had, and had around and with me almost every day for 12 years, adn been around all of my life. 

Its just always had stuff in it, and the past 4 r 5 years, so much stuff, and 99% of it unneeded to be there, that its been a uiseless space.

Behind the seat in the cab of my truck.

What I took out;

Yes, thats a full 50Gal. trash can of stuff that was behind the seat in my truck!




What I’m left with;




Did find a few useful items that I kept too;



Have for several years wanted a nice organier for this space, and have designed one a couple times. Now that I actually finally have the space to work with, I can revamp the designs and actually get it built and put it.


Not sure I ever posted this, but since its similar,(and since I took the pics πŸ˜‰ )here is my instant access “cab commander”/front seat organnizer that I’ve had for the past year or two. A re-purposed cheap tac vest that a friend gave me. It works good;



(yeah, I know I need a new seat… or at least to re-cover this one)



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2 thoughts on “A new gear storage place acquired.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Wow! A 50 gallon trash bin?! Who knew all that stuff would fit back there!

    • Gotta figure that was just the stuff I threw away too! There was also the stuff i kept, including a light jacket, sole work shirts, and my heavy emergency snow pants.. That cab is almost like a Tardis… more room on the inside than the outside dimensions could hold. πŸ˜‰

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