Todays EDC 6-8-15

Was a knife, and other than my phone, that was it… Slow rainy day.


This one started life as a medium (3–3/4” ish) 3 blade stockman, a “Roughcut” line model by Camillus in Carbon V steel (basically 1095 high carbon, or similar to Cases’ CV)

It was one of the stockmen that I never got along with, so I rebuilt it into a single blade serpentine jackknife in quarter sawn bocote scales. Winchester 30–30 case head shield from some of the original brass I have for my model 94(circa early 1970s). The knife is the companion piece to the rifle, to be always carrie with it.

 The rifle rarely gets out these days, so I decided the knife needed some time out on its own.  Hoping to get it and the rifle to the range in the next few weeks though. 😎





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One thought on “Todays EDC 6-8-15

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Can’t pass up range time in the summer.

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