New knife today.

But Not an increase in the total number of knives I own!

Traded one I never used, a US Classic moose, for this Case CV(carbon steel) Jr.(small) Sodbuster.





I’ve had a couple sodbusters before, and never really got along with the pattern, but given my recent 180 from the same history with stockmans, I figured “why not?” when it was offered in trade. 

I figured it would give a relatively small, but heavier duty blade, to be carried with the Queen stockman for ties when its blades are a bit short or light weight, or for times I want better handle shape/grip.





I mean, lets face it, some knives just aren’t comfortable for extended or tougher use… You COULD clean and butcher a moose with my queen stockman, but who in his right mind would want to?


(I knew a guy that went deer hunting once and forgot a knife… even a pocket knife. AND only found it out after shooting a nice buck. He field dressed that buck with one of those little pocket nail clippers. It wasn’t pretty, nor fun, but it worked. But given the choice of ANY other knife, of a better size or shape, at least in handle/grip, I’m sure he’d have taken it.) 


Not sayin’ that I’m planning to butcher a moose with the sodbuster either; but if it came up, I think I’d be pretty happy about having it with me. 😉 😎

 Cool freebie that came in the package, a mini route66 flask!



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One thought on “New knife today.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice trade!

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