Sunday EDC


Minus the phone that’s taking the pic of course.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday EDC

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Do sunglasses count as edc?

    • Short answer; Anything counts as edc if you carry it every day 😉

      Long Answer; If you stick them in a pocket or wear them every day then yes Definetally EDC, simply by literal definition of the term.

      For me, Yes, and No, Sometimes and Never, depending on how you look at it.

      I’m not real strict on the “every” part of EDC. For me its more of a OTADC(On The Average Day Carry) If its what ya carry on average “every” day… Or, say, call it 80% of the time, then yes its “EDC”. 😉 🙂

      For me, I do and don’t EDC sunglasses… I don’t even OTADC sunglasses actually. They are always in my truck, so my truck EDCs them. And 90% of the time I have my truck close by.. But only maybe twice or three times a month do I ever carry them or wear them when I’m not driving..

      Now I’m curious; Why do you ask? 🙂

      • AlaskaLinuxUser

        Just curious since it is now nearing endless daylight in AK, if that would be a prominent part of the edc. 😉

        • AlaskaLinuxUser

          I keep mine in the truck(s) too.

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