New Day, New Watch

Another of the little presents I ordered myself came in today.

Had been wanting a open faced(as oposed to having a hinged cover) pocket watch lately, and also a mechanical pocket watch for a while now.   Came up with this one, a low cost import on ebay. I got this one because its rather a unique case with the wide loop and offset crown. Also because of the several(hundreds…) of skeletonized faced watches I looked at, it actually looked readable. (and it is!)







Also turned out to be a bit bigger than I expected, bigger than the average pocket watch, or in any case, bigger than all of mine. Not too big though.




Its not only bigger, but heavier, and not because of the size, but its heavier built in case thickness and from the looks heavier in internal frames.  Has a good feel to it.  (Naturaly a mechanical is heavier than a simple quartz watch, but this is heavier than my other mechanical pocketwatch((which doesn’t work, thus my wanting another one)) )

It started instantly at the first winding, and after setting ran great. It lost about 5 minutes in the first hour, but after re-setting and winding, its run perfectly without losing any more time for the past 6 hours. 


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