5.26.15s’ Carry, and a new lighter.

First day in a while that anything has changed.  Also the first “day off” I’ve had in about 9 days, where I haven’t had to work/run/be someplace etc… Actually got to rest a little, so light carry for today.   (I swear I’m going to have to get a “real” job just so I can slow down and get some real rest!!!)




New lighter came today, one of my birthday presents to myself. Looks like a Zippo but it ain’t, its a knock off.  A knock off allowed me a design that I liked, instead of settling for something that I only sorta like on a Zippo.

Nice solid built lighter, especially for about $10. A little squarer than a Zippo, and a touch thicker… About two touches 😉 taller. Inside insert is bigger too, I had to shim my Thunderbird butane insert in with some cardstock. A little play in the lid when closed, but it still opens and closes securely, and even Zippos have that play after the first decade anyway…



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One thought on “5.26.15s’ Carry, and a new lighter.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice lighter!

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