New bracelet part 3

Got tired of wearing the new strap bare, and couldn’t decide what to do for something new… And hated to lose/throw away the 550 cord braid from the old one… Its simple and I like it, its become a “standard” item for me, I’m used to it and prefer it… Just attached to keeping what I’ve had for so long. Can’t help it, I’m a sentimental bastard. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

So, I pulled the braid off of the old strap, and since its been tied and pressed flat for so long it held its shape great.  Hooked the first hole on the strap with a piece of aluminum wire, and fished it through the 550 braid. Took some finagling, learning a couple techniques, and some outright brute force to get it through, but it worked!



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