5-18-15 edc

Couple changes, went to my Seiko 5 automatic watch, the new bracelet, and my Ford Zippo (with Thunderbird butane insert)  No money clip, didn’t go anywhere… although I did drive so I should  have had it for my DL..




Some usage pics that got taken with the pics for a project I did(a process walkthrough I will be posting later)  This isn;t all that knife got used for yesterday either. Busy day. It even cut an old tarp in half and still had an edge after! (Ive found tarps to be rather hard on edges before) It was duller, but pretty dang good. Apparently there is something other than hype to the wear resistance of D2… I’ve actually been noticing that more and more, since I’ve been using the snot out of this sucker for almost 2.5 months, and have yet to need to sharpen it!

Spirit gripping;


The EDCF Queen;













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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    And you think Linux is a lot of work….. 🙂

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