Any Linux fans or users out there?

Just thought I’d throw this out there for any Linux users or fans that might be in my readers. A good friend just started a site about his uses and hacks. He has some really cool Motorola/Android to Linux hacks and mods that I’m sure we’ll be seeing, among other things including some nice real world reports of real world uses of *Nux software; something not seen on a lot of codding and concept blogs out there…


 And to those wondering; No, I am not a Linux user. Not any longer. I wrote it off years ago when I found no improvement in function over plain old Windows 2000 or XP for what I need a computer to do. But I have no Windows loyalty beyond the fact that its what Works For Me.. Linux works splendedly for a lot of people, I just have no need for that kind of highly modifyable system anymore.

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