“New” phones.

A buddy gave me his old phones, a pair of Motorola Droid/Milestone X.  These suckers are barely any further out of the stone age than my Pantech flip phone; these were introduced, and shortly discontinued in 2011… Both work fine though, a littel worn but nothing wrong with them.

Would have been great, to gain a screen for the internet, and a better camera(8MP) but alas, I have found out that I can’t put these on my provider.(AT&T) With no SIM card slot they can’t be activated to AT&T, and these were built for the Verizon network style, which I have found out is a totally different frequency set than what AT&T uses… The hardware physically isn’t compatible, regaurdless of what I could do with hacking the somftware to work…

They’re not even compatible with StraightTalk my other solution for cheap easy connectivity.


But, I can still use the camera, media player etc even without network connectivity, so its not a total loss. 🙂 

Looks like I still gotta come up with about $150 for the phone I want, or similar.. (Galaxy S5 Active)



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