New bracelet start.

So, yeah, what I’m up to with the now slightly shorter new watch strap is replacing my bracelet. Started out to be just making another one, but in the last few weeks the other one has lost its second keeper loop (lost the first months ago) and its been getting pretty ragged for a while, and while looking at it a few days back, I realized one of the loops that holds the spring bar for the buckle was torn out, and the entire bucle end was tearing off at its stitched seam…  

Its deff seen a lot of wear, and seen better days too…




New tip cut on the new strap after its accident;




I’ll put some leather glue and a few stitches around the tip before wearing it a lot.



The small one on the left came on the new strap. On the strap is the Pre-V style one I had on the old strap, and above is the buckle and tip that I bought to use with the new one… Gonna take a fair amount of modifying to make it work(its made for 3/4” placket style straps on a Ranger style belt)




I also got this copper sucker to use, but its turned out to be way too deep to use, and probably won;t be easilly modified to work. Maybe. I might just samve this and put it on a ranger belt, if I can ever get one.(been wanting a nice one for a while)





Haven’t decided on a paracord color yet, or if I will use paracord, or maybe leather. And need to decide if I want to leave room to sometimes put a watch on this one or not.

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