Sharp Knife=Whoops.

New watch strap came in a padded envelope. I opened it with the EDCF Queen stockman. I even felt the package carefully to find the whereabouts of the strap… there was a thick mass down the center of the package. I cut along the end, clearing it. 

Turns out the center mass was a thick doubled instructions card(for a watch strap??) and the strap was sepperate in the side of the package…   I inserted the blade mid way across the end, and made a fast zip to the corner, like a lightsaber through butter, til where it slowed/ caught slightly; I figured the padding bunched up slightly…. pushed harder for a second and….





Dang that knife is sharp!

So now my new strap is gonna be 5/8” shorter.  At least it wasn’t the buckle end. šŸ˜‰

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