Little update.

Got the new truck box mounted Saturday night.

Took me 4 new nickel plated steel house door hinges, since the piano style hinge in the box was aluminum, and had been twisted and broke. I removed the broke sections, but left the rest because it provided the right spacing and support for the back of the lid to fit right. 

The hinges I took apart and reversed one plate so that they had a slight Z type offset, to match the offset of the lid to the back of the box.

A box of self drilling/tapping sheet metal screws later, plus a new hasp for a lock(since I didn’t get a key for the built in lock), and I have a fancy new box in my truck. Even screwed the sucker down from the inside so it can’t walk off 😉 (also nice so it can’t slide… the one I used to have used to slide back 4 or 5 feet under hard acceleration)




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2 thoughts on “Little update.

  1. weston

    “Used to slide back 4 or 5 feet under hard acceleration…” -So, like, every time you drive somewhere?!

    • yeah, pretty much…

      I learned from the master; a certain guy I know that used to lay rubber at every street light while crossing town in a orange Chevy pickup he had 😉


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