A reminder

A friend posted the cross he wears on the forum last week, and it prompted me to get out my old one and wear it a day or two..  Lately I wear the custom copper/silver dog tag, so I haven’t had this one on for a while. Also, this chain is actually rather short to be comfortable, and also fragile for EDC, I didn’t wear it often anymore even before getting the dog tag.

The gold chain I got when I was a kid(10 ish?) yes its real gold, and was spendy although I don’t know the grade, a really nice gift I got from my parents one year.. It had a gold cross on it then, but I’ve lost it over the years. This cross I have on it now is 1095 steel, with a inlaid CZ, I made it 10 years ago when I first started making knives. The shield came off of a key chain I bought and carried several years ago, it has Joshua 1:9 on the back.





A lot of people worship the cross, when they should worship God, and Christ. The cross has no power, no blessing, no salvation… it was a means to an end. Nothing more. A terrible means to a terrible end.

And yet, a wonderful end, in that it gave all men Everlasting Life, free for the taking.  

I carry a cross as a reminder of that terrible end. A reminder of Christs suffering, the price He paid, what He willingly accepted and endured, in my name, so that I may be free of death.  A reminder, so I remember Christ in my life, remember that He is in me. 

Also as a reminder that No Matter how bad it gets for me, no matter how I may suffer, it has no comparison to His suffering.

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2 thoughts on “A reminder

  1. weston

    Spoken plain and true. Well said.

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