New Carry For My Truck

Picked up a new SCCFD(Secure Covered Cargo Facilitation Device :p ) for my truck yesterday;



Its pre owned and not perfect, but not bad either… Its a cheaper box, a fairly light gauge aluminum, already has some dents and small damages to it from the last owner, Needs a little work, but nothing too major.   I don’t need anything built like a panzer tank anyway, its not gonna get drug behind the truck…Well… I hope not anyway(shut up Weston :p 😉 )  My big plastic Rubbermaid chest/tool box has held up great for 3.5 years, so this should be fine…

I’ve had two of these cross bed rail to rail boxes before, one steel, and one plastic. But both were the kind with two lids that open to the sides, with the center 1/3 of the top fixed… Those things Suck! They are a PITA to get anything into or out of, and no matter what you do you can’t reach the center area to use it… We ran the metal one on a truck one season years ago, never used it again. The plastic one I was given by a friend that got a toneu cover instead… I ran it for about 3 years before I got fed up with it. It was more of a misc junk catcher than a useful space since it was so hard to access. I remeber now too, those suckers also leaked at the center top hinges to the doors… I always had wet stuff, even inside the box!

I went without a box for about 4 years after that then got fed up again one fall and bought the big Rubbermaid chest on sale(around $50!) Its worked great since, except it sits a little low in the bed and gets packed in with snow around it, if I’m not careful it gets a lot of snow inside it when opened in the winter. 

And since its on the bottom of the bed, I can’t slide anything a full 8′ long into the bed. I keep meaning to block it up about 8” to 10” on the ends, but never get around to it… Won’t need to now. 😉 

This one should be the best of both worlds.

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2 thoughts on “New Carry For My Truck

  1. Weston

    Sweet! Are you gonna paint it red?

    • I was thinking about that last night… I’m not sure what I think of the idea.

      I painted the plastic box so it would blend in when seen at an angle in the bed of the truck… the original grey top was a bit too out of place I thought. But 90% of this sucker is gonna be sticking up behind the cab/back window, and it being bright red might be a bit much… Make it stand out more than being shiny silver. I dunno.

      Any opinion one way or the other? 🙂

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