Look what I found in my driveway…




My little Titanium prybar… Was working on something by my truck, and just happened to look down and there it was half pressed into the gravel.  Didn’t even know I’d lost it… I hadn’t carried it for about a week, at least, before that!  Apparently I didn’t even notice it missing when I unloaded pockets that previous day…

How I carry it is on this caribiner, lately with my Leatherman wrench, but usually without it, clipped to a front belt loop… So it does hang out in the open all the time, if it comes off the biner, its gone… Its been Forever since I’ve had anything come off a biner though so I never worry about it.. Good thing that this time something came off it did it in My driveway, not somewhere else!



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2 thoughts on “Look what I found in my driveway…

  1. Weston

    Huh. But you didn’t lose the caribiner? Weird.

    • Huh! I hadn’t thought of that before… but yeah, if something jammed the biner open, you’d think it would have to come off the belt loop if anything… Actually the way things are looped together its really weird that the tool could come off the biner at all with the belt loop in the way.. Stranger and Stranger. Weird is right.

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