Several EDC sets for 4-7-15

I had multiple carries for varrious time spans onTuesday, for varried activities. Add my phone to all of this, I forgot it for the pics…
















Evertthing in that top photo EXCEPT the nook, journal and bible on the bottom was carried the first half of the day, early morning to mid afternoon while out and about in town running errands and doing some shopping, and out to breakfast with a friend..

Then in the early afternoon, I removed the tape measure, added in the nook, journal, and bible to go to a bible study with another friend, then to go out witnessing/door to door presenting Christ with him. 

Then, I had to cut it down to just this +my phone for a while, as we were headed somewhere with high security to pass through; while going out with our Pastor to go vist a young man in a half way house;


Actual entry to the half way house cut me down to this, as shown, no phone(not allowed in the half way house!);


Half way through the line at security, I suddenly remembered this littel guy that I have hanging just inside my vest front;


Had to run back to the truck and ditch it, before getting back in line…

Yes Weston, Gary was willingly going to “jail”….

“Laugh it up fuzball!” 😉 :p

Then we were out to dinner after, but before I coud head back to my truck, so I was out running around with just the phone, keys, money clip, and that small red SAK for a few hours… Felt Fricken Naked! 😉 Next time I do anything like that I take at least a flashlight with me as far as I can! Cutnery I can live without95% of the time… Tools, 90%… but aflashlight is are required carry for me all the time!


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One thought on “Several EDC sets for 4-7-15

  1. Weston

    Wow! busy day!

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