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One of the little “game” things that pops up on the forums from time to time… usually its a scenario of some sort like a plane crash, survival, hunting, or EOTWAWKI, etc.. This one is verry basic, just a general concept of if you could only have one item from every category, what would it be, and why. No requirement for your currently having these items was mentioned, but I did choose from the items I currently have.


Folder: Case Peanut. This one is a Circle C shielded bluegrass bone model in True Sharp stainless.

Reason: The little knife that can. With a little skill and a little care, these knives can out cut knives 4+ times their size. Simple durrable and efficient. Small, and light, easy to carry, easy to us. This knife was my Only EDCed knife for over a year, proving itself as more than adequate for any cutting I need, and has been a constant companion along with any other knife ever since, for almost 8 years now.

Fixed Blade: Mora Companion

Reason: As much as I hate to choose this over my Dads old Western hunting knife, the Mora can do what it does in game processing, AND do all my woodcraft/camping tasks, kitchen tasks, and general utility work, all compact and comfortable, with fantastic steel that can get laser sharp, and still be cheap to replace. Bonus being that it was a great gift from my friend FL Woods Bum

Multi Tool: Leatherman Wingman

Reason: Up until its loss about a month ago, it was the only tool I’d carried for close to a year… Even after having built 4 or 5 full custom LM models, and even a custom Spirit, a stck Wingman works fine for me. Even better is a slightly moded Wingman(Wave bit driver added)

SAK: Blue Alox Farmer

Reason: My most used SAK is a black alox Pioneer… Its my home knife, used in the den for food, utility, whatever.. Its also a pretty good out of the house knife. So if I only get one SAK, its the Farmer, because its a Pioneer with a bonus; a saw is Really handy at times. Not to mention the Blue ones are pretty rare now, and I do like having a collectable item or two around 😉 .

Keychain Tool:Bandicoot 2.5 Ti

Reason: Not actaually carried on my keychain, but it fits that class of item I guess… anyway… Honestly, I on;y have two of these little tools, and both perform almost identically, this one and a cheap no name tool… I’d keep this one because it does work great, its lighter to carry in Ti, and the big reason, is that it was a gift from my friend Brtsmpsn.

Keychain Light:Olight i3S

Reason: Hands down, no contest my most used light of any size. Light and small, easy to carry, easy to use, fantastic run time, and SUPER bright. (Also not actually carried on my keychain, its on a cord around my neck almost 24/7)

Flashlight: Rofis JR10

Reason: Its adjustable angle head.. gives a 90deg angle light, or a straight light, or any angle in between. I can use it as a headlamp, belt or coat mounted, or carried, or sit it down and aim the head angle anywhere i need it. Big bonus being it was a gift from SecretMember in a Christmas gift exchange at EDCF couple years ago.

Firearm: Assuming handgun/EDCable category here… Ruger Security Six .357.

Reason: It was my Brothers, a brother I never knew before he dies, bought new soon after the guns came out. Then it was my Dads for as long as I can remember, and was something that he specifically mentioned he wanted me to have. Bonus being its more than adequate as a CCW, and a hunting sidearm as well.

Pen: Zebra Telescopic

Reason: Good basic ballpoint. Durable. Compact and easy to carry, but full size for writing.

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Divers Series BM0560-57E

Reason:Comfortable, stylish, and Never, Ever gonna need a battery! 😉 Plus, this watch survived some entertaining things(think James Bond type stuff!) while in the company of the man that gave it to me, so it can survive any adventure I throw at it. The band its on survived Me and all the crap I threw at it as a teen/young adult running around the AK backwoods… together its a lot of memories, and honestly indestructable as far as I’m concerned. Was a great gift from a great man, my friend warchild.

Wallet: Alaska Mint 1oz. silver and gold plated buffalo proof coin money clip.

Reason: I don’t use a wallet, they don’t agree with me. I prefer the simple ease of a few cards with cash around them and a secure clip. This clip I bought on a road trip/sorta vacation/sorta business trip with a friend 6 years ago. Lots of cool memories associated with this clip, from that trip, and of our friendship in general then and now. Its also a good solid clip, with a cam-locking latch that grips its contents, its good and secure, but slim and low profile; I’m sure I’d choose this one even without the sentimental value.

Backpack: Whatever.

Reason: Applicably never use them.

No, really. Last time I wore a back pack was over a year ago… Last time a I carried a bag at all was 8 months ago… Just ain’t something I need often enough for it to matter what the bag is..

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  1. Weston

    Good reasoning.

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