This last weeks carry…

Hasn’t changed all week. Well, OK, I wor a different watch most days, just wore this one yesterday… OTherwise it hasn’t changed.





I am Really liking this knife with my custm buckaroo sheath, it fits in it PERFECTLY, and its a great carry, easy to get at, and the more I use it its easy to replace it in the sheath..

The pen is great carried there too, although most times I need it I’m sitting, and its a little hard to get to… Or replace. But its great for the times I’m not wearing a shirt with a breast pocket, since thats where I usually carry a pen.

I do wish the pen slot was a bit bigger, my maroon Noodlers Konrad fountain pen won’t fit in it at all. On the flip side, it could be a touch smaller for the Zebra stainless ball point, it is loose in it with no grip(but stays put fine). The blue Pilot V5 fits perfectly, with good grip, I just have to make sure when I draw it that I don;t grab just he cap… It hasn’t happened yet, but I just know I’m going to end up drawing just the cap at some point 😉






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One thought on “This last weeks carry…

  1. Weston

    Can’t write much with just the cap!

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