EDC 3-19-15

First half of the day, out snowmobiling and puttering around the homestead;


Thats pretty light for out ridding, and for me in general… I had not intended to be out ridding at all, I was test wearing a new pair of Carhartt bib snow pants, and grabbed a fast minimum set of gear for the “what if” factor… (read that as I couldn’t leave the house with Nothing on me, even to just walk around the yard… and good thing too, when I ended up out ridding for 20 minutes! đŸ˜‰ )


ANd the second half of the day, driving out to a local convinience store for a few things for the fishing trip the next day.




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One thought on “EDC 3-19-15

  1. weston

    Sounds like fun!

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