3-18-15; Spring!

Been busy, not much time to post stuff. Most of this last week has been epic warm weather, in the upper 30s officially, ambient here at the house in the 40s, and my record so far in the sun on my deck at mid day was 56F… Spring has sprung!  I’ve been out in it almost every day, enjoying it. Went snowmobiling 3 days, one day a buddy and I went ice fishing(first for me, never done that before). 

March 18th;


Some trail fun;






what happens when you run out of room to make a hair pin turn cutting trail in deep snow where there hasn’t been a trail yet, and slow down too much to figure it out;

Not sunk deep like it would be in powder… These temps have the snow wet and sticky, so it supports the maching from sinking, but it also grips it like concrete… just as stuck either way.



Had o un-stuch that maching twice that day, and even though I cheated and used a truck to pull it out both times(had to use 50′ of straps to reach it for one on them!) its still a lot of qhysical work, mainly hiking back and forth in the deep wet snow… And after ridding, and working on that I was pretty well spent, I decided to heck with everything and spent some time here; just enjoying sitting in the sun.



Vic Spirit got some use undoing knots that were pulled tight when towing;




Early in the day my EDCF stockman got used to slit the leather cover on my Reeves hatchet, to take a 550 cord bandoleer/belt through it so I could carry it ridding;







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One thought on “3-18-15; Spring!

  1. weston

    Tut tut, it looks like spring!

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