EDCF special edition GITD Queen Stockman

I recently noted on the forums that I had yet to be able to get any of the special edition forum knives, either because they had been available durring my hiatus from the forums, or just having no funds available at the time…

So, someone offered to give me one…

He got it by mistake in an order from the forum store, and the store/forum owner being the great guy he is, let him keep it and also sent a replacement item, the knife he had actually ordered.  He didn;t really want or need the special edition, so he has sent it to me instead of having it lay around unwanted.. I have promised to send it on to someone else if it turns out I don’t use it much.  

Its a great little medium (3.25”) stockman made by Queen Cutlery, in D2 steel and moon glow handles.  Its well built, a good solid knife. Aboout what you;’d expect for the average USA made traditional knife in the $50 range… (these didn’t start out that way… Queen screwed up BAD and build crappy knives for the whole run of the order, and the forums had to host a return program, then send them back to QUeen, who built new knives, or re-built the first ones, then sent them back… This is one of those that came back.) 

Unfortunetally these did cost a bit more than that, but you pay a premium for custom handle materials and the blade etch etc and for the special run all together…






It fits my custom buckaroo pocket sheath PERFECTLY!!



you even still get a hint of the glow;





It does have one problem, which is shown here as a small black spot on the handle. I cleaned it, what looked like buffing residue from the handle finishing came out of it, its a small pit/pockmark.. It’ll never effect function, its just asthetic… and so small I couldn’t care less. 😉 If anything, it adds character. 🙂




And, a fun pic, since the knife is ballanced realy well, in weight and shape on the back, you can sit it down on the spring side, and spin it, and unlinke a lot of knives Ive done this with when playing around, this one spins fast, smooth, and without “walking” acroos the table… it stays in one spot.


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