Had to Macgyver something today…

I used to have to improvise and Macgyver stuff together to get things done, and to fix stuff a LOT, but I havne’t had to for ages… Better quality projects and equiptment maybe? Maybe….

I go through at least one, if not two sets if wiper blades on this truck every winter… Always breaks in the same place, the little clamp onto the wiper arm…Why? I’d say because their plastic and Cheap…(quality… not price… Bloody thigs were expensive IMO) OR at least plastic, and not designed to be scrapped around in this much ice, snow and Cold… 

for stuff like this these days, I carry a roll of electrical tape(unlike duct tape, electrical tape actually flexes, and sticks to things at -10 to -40F and colder! I HATE Duct tape, especially in the winter…) and a roll of CSC(Compact Survival Cord… its thin string, thats made of braided pure Kevlar… Its string sized, maybe 1/8” dia but has a breaking strength of around 600 pounds :D)

I used to have a small tin with all kinds of stuff I carried, but stopped after a while of not needing it.

That tin would have been handy today if this had happended away fromt the shop… I had all the tools and hardware you could think of in the shop, EXCEPT the size bolt and nut I needed.. I doubted the electrical tape would stick to the WET parts(warm day, warmer widshield and wet snow anyway) And also doubted I could tie the CSC tight enough..

So I grabbed a couple rubber bands and a zip tie and improvised;




Band is run through the holes that a plastic friction pin is soposed to be in, then simply knotted over the top, with a pre load tension on the bands… And ran the zip tie through the tails/loops for a safety if the knot slipped. Perfect.

And it did work perfectly, held solid for all of my plowing; Since it was snowing off and on and plowing puts a powdery spray onto the windshield, the wiper got used quite a bit. Didn’t have any issues.


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2 thoughts on “Had to Macgyver something today…

  1. Weston

    Nice! Hide the bubble gum, it might explode….

    • But if you hide it, then what its hidden in will explode too… I’d rather have it out in the open where I can monitor it and avoid it killing me! 😉


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