Todays very important EDC, and its involvement in a Serrious Reality Check I got today.

Husky Scoop snow shovel thats Always in my truck;



Hindsight is always 20/20; God showed me something to make a point today… Not once but Twice, and I still missed it. And continued on as I was, and continued to do a few (stupid)things that I shouldn’t have done… So, as they say “Third Times The Charm”, The third time He chose to show me a little more dirrect…. 

What it was He showed me was two different fairly bad wrecks on the Very slick roads in under 2 hours.

But I ignored the obvious, continued on as I was, and He had to use my own over confidense and cockyness to show me again; By putting me in a place where it was either cause a bad wreck myself or put it in the ditch… 

Guess what I chose?

Epically in the ditch. I had to prurposefully ditch it at around 45, maybe 50 mph.

The other guy did suddenly signal to turn waaayyy too close to where his turn was, Deffinetally not great driving on his part; BUT This Outcome Was Totally MY Fault. I was in a hurry and tailgating him to begin with, while waiting for a place to pass him. And then I tried to sneak around him on the right(without slowing down ) as he slowed to his left, to make the left hand turn; and I ran out of room when he came back to the right a little bit…   

Even though he short signalled me, it was still My fault for being Way Way too close and trying to squeeze around him instead of waiting(which I Did have time/room to do if I had wanted to!) It was either rear end him Hard or ditch it.  

 Truck ended fully off the road, a full 45 deg turned sideways, a “T” with the road,(I travelled sideways for at least a full truck length/20′ in the deep snow) burried in a 2′ deep wet somewhat slushey dense half packet half frozen snow burm..

The shovel was Verry handy at that point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As was the tow strap that another guy was carrying, and his kindness to offer its use to the other guy who offered to pull me out… ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

 (I did have a tow chain, but jerking on stuck vehicles with a chain tends to break vehicles… the strap is better for avoiding damages… I need to get a good one again, to start carrying.(I’ve broke the last two i had…) )

deep as it was burried, I was surprised that he pulled me out in just a few tries! Came out Exceptionally easy actually.  After shoveling, my truck was actually getting traction and pulling itself out part way… Wouldn’t have made it without the pulling, but I doubt it would have made it without the shoveling either.

I figure God didn’t want me stuck and having a Big problem, and causing a Big mess for others(like you Weston, since you were about to get called if it didn’t come out easy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), He just wanted to get my attention… Which He did! 

He was verry Gracious as well, even while giving me this serrious reminder; After all, He could have done it Without giving me a chance to ditch it/without an out to causing a Bad wreck…

 I’m slowing the heck down, and ‘watching it’ for the rest of the winter… And Quite possible every winter from here on out!  Just because I’ve been granted the abbility and skill needed to drive the way I usually tend to do in these conditions, and am fine 99% of the time; It still doens’t mean its a good/safe idea! When you find that other 1% of the time, it can be Verry Bad! I needed reminded of that, and was reminded today. 

Thank You Lord, for the reality check, and the reminder, but also the safety you did allow me and others involved as you taught this lesson.

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