EDC 3-6-15

What I had today for varrious activities out and around town…






Anyone notice anything missing? 

Those that know me and my core requirements will note a type of item thats missing…. An item I lost somewhere today. 

My Leatherman Wingman Multitool.  

Honestly, I tend to lose this thing off my belt 2 or 3 times a week… where I carry it, at about 4 oclock openly clipped to my belt, it gets pressed up and off my belt, or at least half way off in car/truck seats, chairs etc… I’ve even developed a “nervous twitch” of periodically checking my belt to see if its there, usually getting into and out of vehicles, or in and out of chairs etc…

This time I noticed it gone when I checked after reaching for something else behind me on a bench seat… I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I figured it had come off in my truck… By the time I remebered to check the truck later, I was far, far from the other places.

 It left my belt somewhere between leaving the house and my second stop of the day…(Church). Lots of time outside clearing snow off vehicles im my yard, and then shoveling snow at that 2nd stop, so I have a feeling if it turns up at all, it’ll be this spring after thaw out in either my driveway/yard or at my Church, in the same places.

I was pre-ocupied when i noticed it missing while sitting at church, so it could be down in the pew where i was sitting, but I was up and moved, then came back and re-sat down after I noticed I didn’t have it, and didn’t see it… Possible I missed it but not likely IMO..

If its there, hopefully I can grab it Sunday, at least in the lost and found box if anyone sees it..

The other option is that its in the parking lot at my first stop,–-I’d have heard it drop on the tile floor inside there— a coffee shop in town, meaning I’ll never see it. Hopefully, if its there, someone will find it and get some use out of it at least..

Usually I lose somthing and it drives me nuts trying to find it… Or if its hopeless to find it its still infuriating… Not this time. Its annoying, but not a big problem to me for some reason… Maybe because I was doing what I had it to do with; carrying it in case I need to use it, and loss is an inherrant risk… Or it might be that my mind realizes that its almost impossible to find it, so I’m not getting angry/frustrated… I’m just surprised that I’m so calm about this.

Especially consideing what an exact replacement would cost, since its been modified with parts from other tools that would tripple the cost of a standard replacement to do again…

Ah well, thats life. 🙂

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