Another thought; A One Year Comparison.

Hmmm…. lets see if I got this for 2013..

AHA! How a bout a Two Year Comparison?






Gotta love one item thats been the same straight through, but has made some drastic visual changes; Look at the wear changes on my phone cover!! :eek::rofl_revamped:

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2 thoughts on “Another thought; A One Year Comparison.

  1. Weston

    What?! You gave up on the comb? How are you supposed to impress the ladies without one?

    • Lol… my hair has gotten so long and heavy that it stays in place pretty well… all I need to keep it styled after initially brushing it in the morning is gravity, and one of those bungie things… 🙂

      Aaaannnndddd, the hair brush now lives on the dash of my truck all the time, so if I got my rig close by, its available to me 😉 😀

      When I get around to having it cut short again, its gonna drive me nuts having to actually style it/ do something to keep it in place. It being long is annoying sometimes, but its sure been easier to deal with overall… Not to mention the longer it got, the more feminine attention/flirting I got…;-) Although it didn’t do anything for the girl whos attention I want, so I guess thats a moot point really…

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