A year of time keeping.

AK Adventurer said: on EDCF

@warchild sent me a surprise! turned out to be a watch of his that I had complimented a while back… Gotta be careful what ya say these days ;)

A Gorgeous Citizen Eco-Drive!


With Huge, magnificebt lume! (not quite this bright, but it is pretty close..)




Hey, whataya know, this thing has survived a whole year with me!

Including several thousand miles by truck, motorbike, snowmobile, plane, and boat… Three weeks of hunting, some white water rafting, some long day trips, hiking, long road trips of almost 800 miles a day, some breakdowns and emergencies, and some parties too!

Its been my go to watch, the one I grab for knock around random days where Anything and Everything can happen… easy to clean for messy days, flashiest/shiniest for dressy days, most durable for rough days and adventures, and actually my most comfortable one too.

Lots of work, lots of play, lots of Great memories where I know I was wearing this great gift from a great friend…. Thanks warchild!  

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One thought on “A year of time keeping.

  1. Weston

    It sure did stand the test of time!

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