I see a trend starting here…

So, two weeks in a row with Interesting Saturday night weather;

Last week it was 36F and rained hard for about 6 hours and put ~3/8″ of ice on all the roads and we all had fun slidding around. Thankfully it put 2″ of snow on it the next day for some traction(yeah. Right. More of a slushy, wet, slickl mess… but it was better than just the ice… Mostly.)

This week its 20F and I got about 3″ to 4” more or less of nice dry powder, and a small wind storm with 30mph(more or less) gusts… Nothing extreme, and not gonna be a bother, it was just a little fast for the snow in about 5 hours, and weird with the high winds that we usually don’t get here.  

So I see a trend, of weekly small storms providing me with Entertaining Sunday drives… NOT complaining though… If I complain they’re likely to get closer together to teach me a lesson 😉 :p

Believe it or not, this is a two lane blacktop country highway;




This is my one and a half lane(if your lucky, brave, and darring you can get two cars past each other in the summer 😉 ) subdivission road that I live on;


Looks like I might need to plow that soon if we get any more snow..


Midnight in the garden of good and evil? Maybe…

Or maybe its just midnight in my garden looking at the haizy clowds over the moon through the choke cherry tree… 😉




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One thought on “I see a trend starting here…

  1. Weston

    You must live in Alaska….

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