Well, this should be fun…

Or, interesting at the least. Temps at about an exact mirror to a week, week and a half ago, little snow, some RAIN…. 35 to 45 mph winds…    No one will ever say the weather in Fairbanks, in February is borring.. 😉

This is official right for about an hour and a half ago… Current temo in town is still 10F, its officially 12F in North Pole to the south, and I have 20F here at the house with a light wind already..






Wish my right arm wasn’t so screwed up, I’d go snowmachining this week… As it is though,  doubt I could start it, let alone have the strength to steer it.. 😦


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2 thoughts on “Well, this should be fun…

  1. Weston

    Yeah, it is pretty warm out, about 40 here.

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